All natural products have their own individual imperfections just as nature intended. Your new oak furniture is no exception, just as all woods, it will have its own imperfections, the most common of these are natural features such as cracked knots, small cracks and surface variations, slightly different shades of colour and grain structure in the same section of wood or between the various components that make up the complete piece. Every piece of furniture within this collection is lovingly hand made so no two pieces will ever be the same.

Caring for your new furniture is part of owning it and to help towards the long lasting preservation of this product please read carefully the points listed:

  • Some items of furniture are very heavy and awkward to lift it is recommended that two persons are used for these pieces. Never drag a piece of furniture as this will lead to damage of the product.
  • When positioning your furniture it is best to leave a gap of approximately 25mm between the wall and the back of your piece of furniture as this will help air flow and help in stabilising temperatures.
  • As with all natural products an amount of movement will happen over time, this is normal. But excessive movement will need investigating as the furniture may not be placed in the best position. All wood changes shape due to variations in humidity and temperature, these cause the wood to swell and shrink. To help avoid the extremes of this please make sure that this item is not placed in direct contact or near to any heat source (i.e. radiators and heaters). Extreme temperatures should be avoided as this will dry and severely shrink the wood. The same basic principle applies to the positioning of furniture in excessive areas of moisture (i.e. air conditioning units or similar devices), moisture may cause the wood to twist or swell both may result in the deterioration of the construction.
  • Maintaining the easy sliding action of the drawers is as simple as running a candle on the runners to keep them operating smoothly.
  • This oak furniture will change colour slightly over its lifetime due to the effects of natural light; this is just part of the ageing process. However, to slow this process please avoid direct sunlight as this is a natural accelerant and can cause colour fading on the exposed areas of the furniture. Please ensure any objects placed on the furniture are periodically re-arranged to allow an even aging process on the surfaces.
  • Should you have any spillages on the surface of the furniture please ensure that they are removed quickly. Do not wipe in a circular motion but use a blotting action to soak up the liquid then use a damp (but not wet) clean cloth.
  • Avoid placing hot objects directly on the surface of the furniture. Always use coasters and placemats. If you are using your oak furniture with warm items use suitable proprietary heat protection.
  • Never use any types of abrasive cleaning products as they will score and damage the surface finish.
  • When dusting always use a soft lint free dry cloth, ensuring that there is no grit contained within the duster.
  • To aid in maintaining the surface finish it is recommended that the furniture is cleaned regularly using natural bees wax based polishes, or for oiled furniture a coat of finishing oil.