I’m the Quality Inspector for Fortune Woods and this is my UK Distribution Centre. If you have come to this page during working hours then you are seeing a live stream from our warehouse. If it’s after hours then you’re seeing a selection of pictures.

As you can see, Fortune Woods is a fully fledged company, with a real, physical presence. We are not one of those online traders that exist only on the internet.

This warehouse has a capacity of forty thousand square feet. It contains over two million pounds’ worth of stock. From here we can deliver our goods anywhere in the UK normally within seven to fourteen days. New stock is arriving daily by the container load so its likely you can see one being unloaded now. And orders are being dispatched all through the day. We process thousands of orders from our customers every week, sending our products to all over the country.

It’s great quality stock, as well. Everything here is made from high quality American White Oak. Everything has been hand made using all the traditional techniques that you associate with carpentry and cabinet-making, such as tongue and groove drawers and drawer backs, and dovetailed joints have been used throughout. These are pieces of furniture that have made with care and they are built to last. If you buy Fortune Wood furniture then you are investing in a piece of pure craftsmanship, which is solid and stylish, and which will last you for a lifetime.

It’s my job to make sure the quality stays high because I am the Quality Inspector. We check all the stock to ensure it matches up to our high standards. We take just as much pride in our work as the craftsmen.

So you can see that here at my distribution centre we are busy bringing our high quality product to our customers. Fortune Woods does it all. The furniture is manufactured by us with care and love. I check its quality here just to make sure that the highest standard has been maintained. When you order, and I hope you do order, then your choice will be sent from here to your home. That is why, when you choose from the Fortune Woods catalogue, you are getting the very best quality oak furniture at a very reasonable price.

Buy from Fortune Woods and there’s no need for a middleman, because we do it all.